For people who don't enjoy a cup of coffee or an energy drink to help them wake up, there's a new option in the form of a caffeine spray. 

Say hello to Sprayable Energy, a unique and somewhat unusual way to perk up. The spray-on caffeine was created by Ben Yu, a 21-year-old Harvard dropout and former Thiel fellow. 

The reason for the spray? "Coffee didn't work for me," Yu told Inc. "When I ingest it, it's like a roller coaster ride of energy." Yu told Inc. that after researching the functionality of nicotine patches, he created the spray and tested it on himself, claiming that it worked.

Sprayable Energy is being crowfunded by Indiegogo, a website where people can raise money for projects involving film, music, art and small businesses.

According to Yu, the caffeine spray easily absorbs into the skin at a steady pace, which apparently provides for long-lasting energy. Inc. also reported that Yu and his co-founder Devin Soni have a provisional patent for the product, which they want to commercialize.

The duo hopes to raise $150,000 with Indiegogo and eventually sell each 40-dose bottle for $15, according to Inc.

For skeptics, Yu mentioned that the spray wipes off easily and that it's basically impossible to overdose.

Alexander Aciman of TIME seems to be very against the idea of sprayable caffeine.

"It apparently does not go without saying that if you require a boost of caffeine so quickly that you cannot spare a moment for a cup of coffee, then perhaps you had better learn more about time management," Aciman wrote. "If coffee or tea isn't something you have time for, then maybe you're doing it wrong."

Alternative energy sources similar to Sprayable Energy include the tongue strip Sheetz and Aeroshot. Those who prefer to stick with coffee may benefit from the popular drink in the long run. Coffee is known to fight against Parkinson's and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Interested in how Sprayable Energy works? Check out a video below.