Fourth of July is a perfect reason to don red, white and/or blue. You can either choose to wear a flag-emblazoned outfit, or you can look to your closet for an outfit. We rounded up eight celebrities that serve as the perfect inspiration. (Two are non-Latinas whose outfits were just too good.)

Jessica Alba wore this outfit for Christmas, but it easily works for Fourth of July. Get rid of the tights and don a red skirt with a white top. You can even add a tiny blue belt if you want to push it further.

America Ferrera wore this red Alexander McQueen dress, and it's perfectly suited for Fourth of July festivities. She matched her understated look with a bright red lip. This look can easily be more patriotic if you have a blue dress that you pair with red lipstick.

Demi Lovato might have been in Africa for her birthday, but she was still looking very patriotic. Try a chambray shirt (or dress) and pair it with a red-and-white head scarf. It has a vintage nod and has the bonus effect of keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Zendaya proves that it doesn't have to be difficult to wear red, white and blue. She just put on a white tee, blue jeans and a pair of red sneakers. If this proves to be too hot, just switch out the jeans for jorts.

Victoria Justice bragged about her flea market find shorts, but this is also a great patriotic look. Instead of DIY-ing flag shorts, you can DIY polka dot shorts. Though the look works as is, switching out the white top for a red one is a way to take it up a notch.

Go mod like Bella Thorne. This red, white and blue checkered dress is subtle. If you find a dress with only blue and red, you can add in a collar for a touch of white.

Here's a much more practical Jennifer Lopez look. She is only wearing white, but it's a good way to stand out in a crowd. Plus, it'll help keep you cool.

Ariana Grande shows off this very adorable red and white look. She wears a checkered red and white skirt and pairs it with a white T-shirt. Super easy and fun.