Sebastián Rulli's 39th birthday happened over the weekend. The "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" star has yet to share what he did on his big day, but he did show his appreciation for the kind words people sent his way. Either way, we're celebrating his birthday with his nine best pictures, as shared on his Twitter account. 

1. The star has leading man looks. So much so that he looks like a Disney character, according to his fans. "Peopleeee!!!!! #Disney wants to steal our idols," a Twitter user said. Rulli not only saw the picture, he also replied and was amused by the comment.

2. He may not have reason to dress up often, but when he does, he looks very sharp. Here he is wearing a Hugo Boss suit for the TV y Novelas awards.

3. What's better than one handsome man? Two. Here Rulli poses with Prince Royce after his concert. "Thank you @PrinceRoyce for the invitation and for delighting Mexico with your talent!" Rulli said on his Twitter account.

4. Although these three may have a complicated love triangle on "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," they are all smiles once the cameras stop rolling.

5. Rulli is a motorcycle lover, and he shared this picture of himself and Sachi Tamashiro, who he was earlier rumored to be dating.

6. The actor is a very devoted father. In this adorable snap, he shares pictures of one of the matching shirts he and his son wear. He simply captioned the picture with, "#SantiTime #SuperLove."

7. Campeche is where many of the scenes for "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" were filmed. In this image, he shared he and some of his cast members goofing off on a flight.

8. Rulli shared this gym picture, proving that he works hard for his physique. This image was shared at the beginning of the week, he said.

9. This picture is just to remind people that he once had long hair.