The politcs of immigration has both helped and hindered immigrants directly coming into the U.S. The current U.S. presdient is perhaps doing all that he can to help immigrants, but with the children immigrants crossing the frontiers, this is a new challenge that affects the presidency, politicians on both sides and mostly everyone in the U.S.  

President Barack Obama spoke at the swearing-in citizenship ceremony, held on Independence Day, for the new U.S. citizens, saying, "As long as there are men and women like all of you who are willing to give so much for the right to call yourselves Americans, and as long as we do our part to keep the door open to those who are willing to earn their citizenship, then we're going to keep on growing our economy", The Washington Post reported.

Some would say that perhaps Obama has done a lot for the immigrants coming into the U.S., creating DACA and issuing an executive order to help the Dreamers. The president has, on the other hand, deported millions of immigrants, but according to one report released by the Migration Policy Institute, the majority of people that were deported had criminal records. And now Obama has a new and delicate challenge: the children who are crossing the frontiers to get into the U.S.

Between the House of Representatives never fully agreeing on immigration reform, to the child immigrants, it all adds a new dynamic to the seemingly complicated immigration reform.

In the Editorial section of El Diario NY, they make the distinction that the Republicans have found a new way to change their narrative on immigration reform in two ways. First, the Republicans are now blaming President Obama for not protecting the borders enough, and in doing so it has led to the deluge of immigrant children crossing the frontiers.

Secondly, they say the president has been promoting undocumented immigration by not deporting the young Dreamers.

El Diario NY and The New York Times editorials both agree that the immigrant children need humanitarian aid in the form of lawyers and caregivers. The New York Times added to the humanitarian aid and prescribed that millions of immigrants who are already living in the U.S. be allowed to stay, work and live without fear of deportation.

As it stands with the Dreamers, the parents and possibly the parents of citizen children should be protected by the law, especially for those who have strong connections to the U.S. They even recommended that some of the financial resources used to combat human trafficking, drug smugglers, gangs and criminals should be rerouted to help those non-U.S. citizens.

The New York Times also recommended that law enforcement that is dedicated to immigrants be delegated to local police. And also, the family members of U.S. citizens should be allowed to have better access to get a green card without leaving the U.S. for at least three to 10 years.

El Diario NY said that the president has to choose between negotiating, which means in part to "give into the demands," or limited legalization with requirements, which is an amnesty or at least a form of one.