José Alberto Castro has been trying to make "La Malquerida" for 15 years, and now it's just a month away from premiering on Univision.

The telenovela airs on Aug. 25 at 10 p.m. and is based on Jacinto Benavente's story of the same name. Here's a little background on the characters and their lives.


Victoria Ruffo stars as Cristina. She has a daughter named Acacia, who she had with her first husband.

Cristina loved him very much, and he died years after their daughter was born. She was very happy when they were married, and when she died, she became very vulnerable.

Eventually, she meets Esteban. He wins her trust, and they fall in love. The two decide to marry.


Acacia is portrayed by Ariadne Diaz. Acacia is charismatic, a dedicated student and very passionate. She is Cristina's only daughter.

She adored her father and was very hurt when he died. When her mother tried to move on with Esteban, Acacia was not supportive and it impacted her relationship with her mom.

Acacia decided to leave to live with her grandparents.

Years later she returns to unmask Esteban's true character.

Acacia meets Ulises, and the two fall in love.


Christian Meier is Esteban. He arrived at the Benavente home, where he started working for the family.

He meets Cristina and falls in love with her, which he thought was impossible love given their very different positions. But he's not truly happy because he can't win over Acacia, who hates him from the beginning of his relationship with Cristina.

Esteban begins to feel attracted to her, and he hates Ulises because he stands in his way of winning over Acacia. This will only serve to complicate the already-damaged relationship between Acacia and Cristina.