A special Russian missile cruiser has been released to the eastern part of the Mediterranean to lead the navy operations in the place. This was according to the Interfax who quoted a source from the military as the United States prepares for a potential strike in response to the current situation in Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama has been backed up by some figures of the U.S. Congress for his plans to do limited strikes on Syria. This is line with the alleged use of chemical powered weapons to destroy civilians.

The cruiser ship called Moskva will lead the navy operations for the unit so as for Moscow to protect its interest in the national level. It will also be joined in by the Baltic Fleet plus a frigate of the Black Sea Fleet. The said Russian missile cruiser will go straight to the Gibraltar Straits.

Moscow has always been a strong ally of President Assad of Syria, consistently offering him utmost protection from the various UN resolutions and pressure for him to put an end to all the violence that takes place.

President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, said in one interview that if there would be evidence to prove that it was Damascus which started the military attacks, then he will not approve of any operation too. According to Russia's Defence Ministry, the deployment of the Movska and other warships is just part of a routinely done operation.