Roman Reigns kicked off WWE Smackdown against Bray Wyatt, with the former Shield member earning the win by disqualification after the Wyatt Family -- Luke Harper and Erick Rowan -- interfered in their bout. The World's Strongest Team -- Mark Henry and The Big Show -- ran down to even things up, much like they did on Monday for John Cena, to even up the odds. A Six-Man Tag Team main event match between Reigns and The World's Strongest Team was announced against The Wyatts for later in the night.

The Money In The Bank suitcase holder, Seth Rollins, defeated Rob Van Dam in singles competition.

WWE Divas Champion Paige defeated Emma in a non-title match. After the bout, AJ Lee came skipping down to the ring with a box of chocolates in her hands and demanded her "frienemy" help herself. The champion spat the piece of chocolate out in Emma's face before AJ picked it up off the ground and ate it.

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Despite a rib injury, Jack Swagger lost to Rusev, who overcame his ankle injury, after Bo Dallas threw a towel into the ring to create confusion, distracting Swagger long enough for Rusev to clamp down The Accolade. After the match, Dallas attacked Swagger, nailing him with a Bo-Dog to add insult to injury.

Stardust and Goldust apologized to the WWE Tag Team Champions for their actions on Monday Night Raw before Jey Uso defeated Stardust in singles action with a roll-up. After the bout, Stardust and Goldust beat down the champions yet again.

After The Miz was ordered to battle WWE United States Champion Sheamus in a non-title bout, The Miz's stunt-double, Damien Mizdow, lost to the champ. The Miz attempted to escape from harm only to have Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler toss him back into the ring. Sheamus attempted a Brogue Kick on The Miz's "Money-Maker," retreating before he took a boot to the face.

Roman Reigns and the World Strongest Team defeated The Wyatts after Luke Harper attempted a Clothesline From Hell only to get caught in a Spear after Reigns ducked Harper, getting the pin and victory for his team to end the show.