John Cena kicks off WWE Friday Night SmackDown and talks to the WWE Universe about the doubts surrounding him since getting destroyed by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Cena says that he is determined to be champ again before he is interrupted by Kane and Seth Rollins of The Authority. Roman Reigns comes out from the crowd to even up the odds for Cena before the lights went out and The Wyatt Family made their presence felt in the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Chris Jericho and The World's Strongest Team -- Mark Henry and The Big Show -- came out to help Cena and Reigns before Triple H announced a 10-Man Tag Team match between Cena, Reigns, Jericho, Henry and The Big Show versus Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Kane and Rollins in the main event match.

Cesaro lost to WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match after Ziggler reversed a Tiger Bomb into a Face Buster and got the roll up for the three-count. After the match Cesaro attacked Ziggler but United States Champion Sheamus, who was doing commentary, made the save.

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Jimmy Uso, accompanied by his brother Jey -- who was on crutches after he was attacked by Goldust and Stardust on Raw this week -- defeated Heath Slater in singles competition.

Lana and Rusev came out to continue their anti-United States and anti-Mark Henry rhetoric before the World's Strongest Man interrupted them, forcing Rusev to flee again as the two strongmen continue their Cold War.

Brie Bella faced WWE Divas Champion Paige in a non-title match. Brie was distracted by AJ Lee and Nikki Bella, who were doing commentary for the telecast, as AJ and Nikki ended up in a brawl during the bout. Brie left the ring to attempt to talk some sense into her sister but Brie ended up eating a DDT from Paige when she got back into the ring, giving Paige a much-needed victory as she tries to stave off her numerous challengers.

Bo Dallas made quick work of Zack Ryder, making a "Bo-Liever" out of the "Long Island Iced-Z" by finishing Ryder with a Bo-Dog. After the match, Dallas' inspirational speech was interrupted by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, with Swagger attacking Dallas before he could make his escape.

The 10-Man Tag Team main event match ended in a no-contest as all the participants ended up in a massive brawl with Cena, Reigns, Jericho, Henry and the Big Show cleared the ring of the heels and celebrated to end the show.