On Sept. 15, Mattel will launch its latest Mexico Barbie Doll, all dressed up in mariachi clothes, as part of its Dolls of the World collection.

"Dressed in the traditional costume of a mariachi, Barbie® doll wears a fitted black bolero jacket and cropped trousers trimmed in intricate golden brocade that mirrors the pattern on her impressive, wide-brimmed sombrero," the description of the doll reads online. "Flourishes include a brilliant pink tie, low ponytail and tall black boots."

The doll is priced at $24.95. It will purposely be released on the day before Mexican Independence Day, showing that the Barbie "is ready to celebrate with Mexico these national holidays," Ana Paula Martinez, a Mattel executive, said according to Fox News Latino.

According to a statement by Mattel, the mariachi-themed Barbie is designed to appreciate "one of Mexico's most representative traditions in music and culture." Mariachi wear and mariachi bands are known as some of the most notable symbols of the country.

Previous Mexico Barbie Dolls have sparked controversy, BuzzFeed reports. For example, the 2012 Mexico Barbie Doll carried a Chihuahua. Dolls from other countries were also questionable, such as the China Barbie Doll, which wore a kimono and carried a baby panda bear.

In fact, the whole Dolls of the World collection has been criticized by various outlets, including The Stir and The Corvallis Advocate, for encouraging stereotypes, but Mattel stands behind the collection.

"The Dolls of the World collection features the native fashions, while celebrating the cultures and diversity represented within each country in a way that will appeal to Barbie fans of all ages," Sara Rosales, a Mattel spokesman, said according to Daily Mail.

This year's Mexico Barbie Doll seems to be less offensive to some, with Feliz Sanchez, chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, saying he approves of the doll.

"Well at least she's not coming off as sexy Latina Barbie, spinning on a pedestal," he said in reference to Sofia Vergara's appearance at this year's Emmy Awards. "This is an image that does exist. It helps us embrace toy making in a way that makes it relevant and authentic."


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