By far the biggest news surrounding the National Football league right now is the Ray Rice situation.

The former Baltimore Ravens running back was shown on video tape at an Atlantic City casino hitting (his then) fiancee Janay Rice in an elevator and then dragging her out.

Rice has thus been suspended by the NFL indefinitely and the Ravens have cut him, all appropriately.

Having known all of this and everyone's heavy disapproval of what took place, some football fans are still curious about Josh Brent and Dez Bryant. Both are currently with Dallas Cowboys and have had their share of off-the-field incidents in the past.

The most glaringly obvious one is Josh Brent. In December of 2012, he and teammate Jerry Brown (both teammates and friends at Illinois University) left a nightclub in a car together. Brent was driving the Mercedes MS600 that night. Brent reportedly had a lot to drink and drove between 110-134 miles per hour, according to reports, crashing the car. Brown was pronounced dead at the hospital. Brent's blood alcohol limit that night was 0.18.

Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

In addition to this horrific and fatal incident, Brent has made quite the name for himself off the field. He had a prior DUI arrest in 2009 while playing at Illinois. While in jail, Brent also failed two drug tests. To make matters worse, it was discovered that Brent was driving with a suspended and expired driver's license.

Was Brent's intention to kill Brown? Most likely not, but the results speaks louder than intent. His actions has affected other people. Brent is not only still in the league, but he is on the Dallas Cowboys reserve list roster at this very moment.

The NFL may have dropped the ball in the beginning regarding the Ray Rice situation pertaining to the video tape, but at least they suspended him indefinitely once the tapes were made public. The Baltimore Ravens also cut Rice from the team. The legal system sure didn't do much.

Why haven't the Dallas Cowboys released Brent from the team? Owner Jerry Jones has a great opportunity to take a stand and show he won't support a player who drinks and drives multiple times by doing do. Josh Brent can return to the football field in Week 11 this season in November.

The other player in question is Dez Bryant, which is surprising because of his name and actions. Brent wasn't a Pro Bowler, so many people don't know who he is, or what he did. Bryant, on the other hand, is similar to Rice. In 2012, Bryant was arrested for assaulting his mother, Angela Bryant. Ms. Bryant explained at the time that Dez had done this before. Why isn't this getting national attention like the Ray Rice situation? Where is his suspension?

Are we supposed to turn a blind eye to these events? Bryant's mother did eventually forgive him, but so did Rice's wife. That still doesn't excuse the initial act. There's no doubt that Rice got what he deserved, but Bryant and Brent still have to be dealt with on a much larger scale. Bryant hasn't been suspended for any of his off-the-field incidents by the NFL.

The NFLPA must protect their players, but they must also set a good example for future generations as well.

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