The NFL and cosmetics company CoverGirl recently had an advertising partnership as the NFL's beauty partner.

CoverGirl recently came out with an ad campaign focusing on elaborate makeup styles that relate to each NFL team, including the Baltimore Ravens. This team has been in the news lately not for their sports but because of one player -- running back Ray Rice.

Rice was shown in a leaked video hitting Janay Palmer, his then-fiancée, who falls unconscious and is dragged by Rice from an elevator in Las Vegas.

The ad campaign by CoverGirl was addressed to female football fans, but people made it look ridiculous by using the ad for protest.

CoverGirl's concept was to encourage fans to show off their own looks by posting their images to a social media site using the hashtag #gameface while using the new colors of CoverGirl to support their team.

In the company's ad, the model was wearing purple winged eyeshadows in the Baltimore Ravens' colors. The caption for the ad says "Get your game face on!"

Online protesters against domestic violence used the model's image and Photoshopped it, making it look like the model had a black eye. This new image immediately went viral. Other posters of the image even included the hashtag of CoverGirl as well as the hashtag #goodellmustgo, LA Times reports.

Not only were protesters speaking out against domestic violence, they wanted CoverGirl to sever the company's partnership with the NFL and have the NFL Commissioner removed from office for the way he handled Rice's situation.

CoverGirl posted a tweet expressing their support for women and their empowerment saying they did not promote domestic abuse. They had a longer explanation on their Facebook page, saying that the program they developed for the NFL was to celebrate the existence of female football fans, which number over 80 million.

The company said that they are urging the NFL to take quick action on the issue of domestic abuse.