Rapper Joell Ortiz's new lease on life is carrying over into his new music.

Ortiz, who is descended from Puerto Rican parents and was born in Brooklyn, New York, released his third solo album, "House Slippers," on Sept. 16 according to NBC News.

Ahead of the release, Ortiz had a physically strenuous schedule filled with promotional events, music video shoots, studio time and more. Doing all of this would have been even more exhausting in 2012. Two years ago, Ortiz had just finished his group Slaughterhouse's "Welcome To: Our House" album. At one point, Ortiz thought about cancelling an interview with a radio show and feigning sickness because he was "hung over."

"I just had one of those moments," Ortiz said. "I said to myself, 'look at you, praying you don't have to do the things that saved you, the things that make your life better.'"

After what Ortiz called a "cathartic awakening," according to NBC News, he began a new lifestyle. Ortiz stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and began eating healthier and exercising.

Ortiz has since lost 30 pounds.

"It was a whole new level of a natural high that was around me," he said. "... People were telling me for years to lose weight."

The Brooklyn rapper's newfound healthiness has affected his third album.

"This album, in my opinion, is one of my [best] because it's not clouded by hanging out or late night drinking or smoking," Ortiz said. "It's really the healthiest mindset going into these songs."

Ortiz hopes his work will help his community, which he knows is plagued by issues like obesity and diabetes.

"If my story inspires somebody, then I am so happy," he said.

Meanwhile, Ortiz's fans have taken kindly to his new look and mindset.

"They love the new me," he explained. "I've always been the same person, I was just in a different shadow. I take real pride at being very good at rapping. As long as that doesn't go anywhere then I don't think people mind the weight loss."

Ortiz is also working on Slaughterhouse's next album, "Glass House," HipHopDX reported this month.


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