Last NBA season is one both Los Angeles Lakers fans and New York Knicks fans would like to forget.

Both teams combined for a 64-100 record, and both the Lakers and Knicks missed the postseason. Neither team currently has the coach that led their squads last season, and have made a lot of changes this off-season.

While it's unlikely we will witness an NBA Finals rematch of 1973 between the Lakers and Knicks, these two teams are both set for an improved year from last season. Let's see who's the edge this season:

New York Knicks

With so many new free agents moving around, the Knicks dodged a bullet. Veteran All-Star Carmelo Anthony chose to remain with the team, rather than join the Chicago Bulls. Anthony still has to improve his passing and defensive play, but he's still easily a top 10 player in this league. Perhaps the most underrated addition was point guard Jose Calderon, who has been a great point guard since entering the league in 2005.

The Knicks made a lot of changes to their managerial staff. Thirteen-time NBA champion (11 as a coach, 2 as a player) Phil Jackson is the team president, and he's been busy. His biggest move was hiring Derek Fisher as the head coach of the Knicks. Fisher played for Jackson and won five NBA titles with him, so they share many similarities and coaching philosophies.

The biggest concerns for the Knicks is still defense. The team is no longer with center Tyson Chandler and Amar'e Stoudemire has had trouble staying healthy recently. Samuel Dalembert is a former first round pick, but he has become journeyman playing for his fifth team in the last five years. Jason Smith and Earl Barron aren't exactly being called the "next Patrick Ewing."

J.R. Smith is coming off a season in which he hit a career-high 189 three point shots. The triangle offense puts a lot of emphasis on perimeter shooting and Smith is still just 29 years old. Smith will be a big factor for the Knicks this season.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have a tougher road ahead than the Knicks do. They play in a very tough Western Conference with superior teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets. The Lakers may get more wins than the Knicks next season, but there's no guarantee. Last season the No. 8 seed Atlanta Hawks had 38 wins in the East. In the West, the No. 8 seed Dallas Mavericks had 49 wins.

Despite having a tougher road to the postseason, the Lakers did have a productive off-season. Trading for point guard Jeremy Lin (who used to be with the Knicks) should add a lot of quality minutes and help distribute the basketball. Veteran Steve Nash can use all the rest possible. Kobe Bryant is coming off his most disappointing season in which he only played six total games because of a terrible knee injury, but there's no doubt he will more determined than ever.

Just like the Knicks, the Lakers made a few managerial decisions themselves. Mike D'Antoni is out, and Byron Scott is in. Scott (just like Fisher) played for the Lakers and won multiple NBA Championships. Scott is a lot more proven than Fisher, having led the New Jersey Nets to two consecutive Finals in 2002 and 2003.

Both teams are tied together in a number of ways. Former coaches, players and staff members are filling various positions today. The two most beloved basketball (and most populated) cities in the United States are entering a 2014-15 season with a lot of questions. There's a good chance we could see the Lakers and Knicks do business together before the NBA Trade Deadline, because they have so many personnel who used to work together.

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