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'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 1 Review - 'All In' Proves Nick And Jess Are Indeed Together

First Posted: Sep 18, 2013 09:19 AM EDT

"New Girl" is back, and let's just say it has the possibility of being a long season. Is this a good thing? Maybe, but after last night's episode maybe not. Many fans were rooting for Nick and Jess to do the deed last season, as in kiss and eventually have sex. Both happened, and at the end of last season the couple decided that they wanted to make it official.

We picked up immediately where we left off, after Cece decided she didn't want to marry that Indian dude. Jess and Nick are infatuated with each other, they have car sex and head off to Mexico? Why, you say? Well for one, this is "New Girl," so everyone does everything to the extreme for laughs, which is something that the show owns, and at times it can be hilarious. The point of their escape is that they didn't want to return to the loft, as it was supposedly the cause of all their problems and would prevent them from being together. I could understand this because of the extremely needy Schmidt (more on him later).

They escaped to Mexico and became Paradise Jess and Paradise Nick, who ended up getting thrown in a Mexican jail (or so everyone thought) for being on a private hotel beach. Jess reached out to Winston and Schmidt, who went with her to Mexico to free Nick, who happened to just be taken to resort jail. In the end, Jess and Nick realized that they couldn't exist without the loft, even though being a couple with their roommates is going to be a bitch. The two were all over each other in this episode, which was my main concern. I found myself tired of them sucking face already, just like Schmidt and Winston. Everyone was rooting for them last year, but now I find myself already excited for when the relationship hits a bump in the road, which it obviously will. 

Speaking of Schmidt, he's gotten himself in another pickle. Instead of breaking up with one of his ex-girlfriends, he decided to stay with both Cece and Elizabeth, which is already showing signs of disaster. And without Nick there, Schmidt convinced Winston to lie for him, which just didn't work out. Winston is no Nick, and it showed. In other words, he gets into strange moods where we works on easy puzzles he can't solve. I'm excited for the rest of this season, but I'm ready for some new characters to show up to stir up some conflict. 


- The funniest bit of the episode for me was the never-ending bribe. Schmidt offered money to one of the hotel workers, who said the next guy knew where Nick was, and so on and so on.

- Winston is color blind and thought that his green shoes were brown. The question of the night was does he think that he's green?

- Winston also came up with the worst lie ever to cover for Nick, telling CeCe something along the lines of tying his underwear to hers.

- "How many times does Schmidt text you a day?" "I don't know, about 40."

- Winston's rule of being his best friend: "Don't talk to me that much, never lie to me and never ever touch my puzzle."

- "Nick was in jail before me?" "Nick is my bitch."

- "Sayonara masturbation for the rest of my life."

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