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Jeremy Lin Stats 2013: Linsanity Says Pressure is Off Now That Dwight Howard is Rockets Teammate

First Posted: Sep 23, 2013 01:02 PM EDT

Jeremy Lin is looking to improve and solidify himself as a consistent player on the Houston Rockets this season. After Houston acquired the star center Dwight Howard this off-season, people wondered how the well the team could do with the combination of Howard and Lin. In a taped interview with ESPN, Lin talked about what he hopes to do this season as well as how excited he is about playing with Howard.

"I think Dwight Howard himself is already pretty deadly of a player," Lin said. "For us, it's just a matter of getting on the same page and buying into the system, and I think adding [Howard] as a piece to the puzzle, it's incredible. I think we're all extremely excited and we know what we have, and he looks healthy, he looks explosive, and he's looking better and better in terms of recovering from his [back] surgery."

Lin also told ESPN that the addition of Howard means there is less pressure on him to be the number one star on the team.

"I agree with that, more so now than ever," Lin said. "The majority of the pressure is leaning on other guys, and it's going to give me a little bit more space and a little bit more freedom to be able to just be myself, and I think that's something that I'm looking forward to for sure. For me, I have high expectations for myself, and in no way was I satisfied with my year last year. But the fact that other people think it was a disappointing season to me is somewhat of a compliment that they think I might be able to do more."

Linsanity emerged to stardom during a magical season in New York with the Knicks, but he has since leveled off since he arrived in Houston.

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