Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has been the best runner in the NFL this season.

Murray leads the league in rushing yards, carries and rushing touchdowns.

Murray is on pace to surpass longtime great Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith for most rushing yards in a single season. In 1995, Smith had 1,775 rushing yards, the most ever for a Dallas Cowboys running back.

Murray isn't just on pace to have the best season ever for a Cowboys running back, but this season he could break multiple NFL records.

Here are three NFL records that Murray could break this season:

1. 100 Yard Games to Begin Season

In 1958, the great Jim Brown ran for 1,527 yards and 17 touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns. More importantly, Brown began that season with six consecutive games rushing for at least 100 yards. So far, Murray has eclipsed the 100-yard rushing mark in all six games he has played this season, including a 100-yard game against the St. Louis Rams. If Murray rushes for 100 yards in his next game, Brown's 56-year-old record is no more.

Murray and the Cowboys face the New York Giants next. The Giants run defense ranks 17th overall in the league.

2. Most Carries in a Single Season

In 2006, Larry Johnson ran the ball 416 times for the Kansas City Chiefs, an NFL record. Johnson carrying the ball 416 times over 16 games is an average of 26 times a game. So far, Murray has 159 carries in six games, an average of 26.5 rushes a game. If Murray keeps up this pace, he will finish the season with 424 rushes, just eight more than Johnson had in 2006.

The Cowboys have the No. 1 rushing attack in the league thanks to Murray, but they have to be careful they don't overuse him going forward.

3. Most Rushing Yards in a Single Season

In 1984, Eric Dickerson ran for 2,105 yards for the Los Angeles Rams. Still, 30 years later, the record stands. Adrian Peterson came just eight yards short in 2012, and many others have come close. Jamal Lewis, Terrell Davis and Barry Sanders all came within 100 yards of breaking that record but couldn't surpass it. This is the record that every running back has his eyes on.

So far, Murray has 785 rushing yards in six games, an average of 130.8 yards per game. When Dickerson ran for 2,105 yards in 1984, he averaged 131.5 rushing yards per game. Bottom line: Murray needs 1,321 rushing yards in his final 10 games to break the single season rushing record.

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