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Roy Rosello Alleges Former Menudo Manager Abused Him, Had Ricky Martin Dress As Woman

First Posted: Oct 22, 2014 03:10 PM EDT
Ricky Martin

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It's been two decades since Roy Rosello was allegedly abused, but the member of boyband Menudo has finally chosen to speak out against his former manager.

Rosello explained that he and other members of the group were sexually abused by Edgardo Diaz, notes El Comercio. Rosello was on the Brazilian show "Domingo Espectacular," when he revealed what happened.

"At the last party I went to, Edgar made Ricky [Martin] dress up as a woman," he said. "There I entered and left running. I called Robi [Draco Rosa], who came and punched him while I left running. I got to the street, and I was praying for a car to run me over."

Rosello explained that he didn't speak out before because he didn't feel ready to do so, but now, God is giving him strength.

He added that he's not looking for anything other than spreading awareness.

"In this moment, a child is being sexually abused, and it can't be like this," he said.

Diaz recently responded to claims that he had sexually abused Rosello. He said that his character and professional work spoke for him.

"I'm not going to spend what time is left in my life defending myself and responding to allegations," he said. "We only have one life, and I live at peace."

Rosello, who participates in a show in Brazil, earlier said that he forgave Diaz for the abuse and exploitation.

Martin has not responded to Rosello's comments.

The singer recently talked about how he explained his children's birth to his children.

He said his son asked, "Dad, was I in your belly?"

Then Martin explained how a woman that he absolutely adores helped bring him into the world. His son just said OK and continued playing, Martin added.

Martin also said that, though he is not having another child just yet, he can't wait to grow his family.

"If you ask me if I want to be the father of a little girl, [I'll say] not one, four!" Martin said. "I'm just getting started with this fatherhood thing and I'm going for more, I come from a big family and I like noise and chaos in my house."

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