Despite his loss to John Cena at the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV), the coming weeks should bring some interesting twists and turns for Randy Orton. Signs show that he will likely go face in the near future after Seth Rollins Curbed Stomped him to end Monday Night Raw last week.

Both "The Apex Predator" and Rollins competed in separate Hell in a Cell cage matches -- Rollins defeating Dean Ambrose (with help from Bray Wyatt) and John Cena snatching a WWE World Heavyweight championship opportunity away from Orton after putting him through a table with an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope.

But after last week's betrayal by Rollins on his Authority cohort and Orton looking for Rollins throughout the HIAC PPV to have some words with him regarding his transgressions, Orton's face turn seems well on its way. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the company feels that "The Apex Predator" has not been selling well as heel of late and that a feud with the "Money in the Bank" suitcase-holder may fix that.

While Orton feuds with Rollins and Wyatt beefs with Ambrose in a battle of "crazy versus crazy," that leaves Cena with another title run for Brock Lesnar's title. "The Anomaly" set to defend his championship at the Royal Rumble and the WWE is in talks with Lesnar about doing more dates on his schedule in order to build up his next title defense at the January PPV against Cena with two other PPV -- Survivor Series and TLC -- schedule between now and the Royal Rumble.

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One match that may be set for next month's Survivor Series which is Brie Bella, who lost to Nikki Bella Sunday night and must be her assistant for a month or be fired, teaming up with Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Naomi in a Survivor Series Tag Team match against Nikki, Summer Rae, Eva Marie and Cameron.

In NXT news, with Nick Dinsmore gone after being let go by the company, the WWE is searching for a new WWE Developmental Director. Adam Pearce, the former five-time National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) champion who has been a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center on several occasions, has interviewed for the open position and is being stronly considered. Pearce may be joining The Undertaker who has also taken a job with NXT, recently hired as an "adviser" for the developmental wing of the company. The Undertaker will travel to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and share his wisdom the young talent on a limited basis.

NXT has recently signed new talent to their roster, coming to terms with Sunny Dhinsa (an amateur wrestler who was previously training for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil), Zahra Schreiber (who attended the all-female tryout camp in June and was a trainee at the HOT Wrestling school by Truth Martini and Jimmy Jacobs), Dustin Mueller (a body builder from Chicago), Gionna Daddio (who participated in the June's all-female tryout camp in June and is a former Hooters girl who trains at DeFranco's gym where Stephanie McMahon works out) and Josh Woods (an amateur wrestler from the University of Central Florida with MMA experience).

The WWE also appears interested in signing indy wrestler Uhaa Nation, who has worked with EVOLVE, Dragon Gate USA and Dragon Gate Japan. Nation tried out for NXT recently with scouts impressed with his speed for man his size considering he 6'0" and weighs 240 pounds.