A number of Marvel movies are either heading for the set or post production, and will soon be making their way to the big screen. One of the much awaited Marvel sequel is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The second installment to the 2011 smash hit Captain America: The First Avenger is already being filmed and is set to be released by April of next year. Reprising the role of the superhero is Chris Evans, while Sebastian Stan will play the lead villain role of Winter Soldier.

The sequel will follow the story of the comic book; and so far, according to comic book writer Ed Brubaker, the film adaptation will be a hit.

"I read the script and I was really blown away by it," Brubaker told USA Today.

"The Winter Soldier" will follow the story of Steve Rogers (Captain America) as he tries to fit in with the modern world. Finding out that his dead friend, Bucky, has resurrected as the Winter Soldier, he teams up with Black Widow - played by Scarlett Johansson - as they try to defeat evil and save the world.

"The tone of it and the Bucky stuff is so perfect and the way I'd want it to be, I was so thrilled to see that," Brubakers added.

Another thing that the writer is excited about is the fact that Marvel is releasing a movie that is based on a specific comic book title, much like Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"To me the biggest thing, too, is it's the first time Marvel has put out a movie where there's a specific book the title of the movie relates to," he explained.

"They're putting out a hardcover collection of Captain America: Winter Soldier and that's because that movie is coming out. That is the first time Marvel has one specific book to point people to, as opposed to when X-Men: First Class came out and there's 15 trade paperbacks and people who see the movie don't know which one to pick up."

Coming from the man who wrote the comic book itself, it seems that fans are really in for a treat as Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes its way to cinemas on April 4, 2014.