Fantasy Football NFL season has already reached Week 10 of the 2014 NFL season.

Adding free agent players to your Fantasy Football team is key to winning your league. Staying ahead of the waiver wire is critical to maintaining a great team. This week, a lot of quarterbacks are getting notoriety.

Here are five players you should consider signing off waiver wire for Week 10:

1. Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III returned to action against the Minnesota Vikings after missing the last seven weeks with injuries. In his first game back, Griffin threw for 251 yards and ran for another 21. Considering he missed nearly the last two months, Griffin looked pretty good. Griffin has high risk because he gets injured so often, but he and head coach Jay Gruden appear to be on the same page. Throwing to DeSean Jackson also helps his fantasy status.

2. Lamar Miller

Don't look now, but the Miami Dolphins have won three consecutive games. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been on a hot streak and Mike Wallace is making amazing catches again. With Knowshon Moreno out for the season, Lamar Miller has stepped up. Miller has a team-leading 518 rushing yards and five touchdowns with 144 receiving yards this season. Miller also has five touchdowns in the last five games. The Dolphins will be playing the Detroit Lions next week.

3. Denard Robinson

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't winning games, but Denard Robinson is putting up big fantasy numbers. Even though Robinson played quarterback at Michigan, he's now a full-time running back in Jacksonville. Robinson has a team-leading 423 yards on the ground this season and his last three games include: 127 yards, 108 yards and 94 yards. It's not normal or prototypical, but if you need a running back, Robinson could be a great pickup. The Jaguars will be playing the Dallas Cowboys in London, England next week.

4. Mark Sanchez

Remember this guy? The former New York Jets quarterback who did lead the team to two consecutive AFC Championship games. Obviously Sanchez isn't elite, but with Nick Foles out for a month, Sanchez has a chance to prove himself under the fast-paced Chip Kelly offense. In Week 9 against the Houston Texans, Sanchez completed 15 of 22 passes for two touchdowns and 202 yards in relief. Handing the ball off to LeSean McCoy helps, as well. The Philadelphia Eagles will play the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football.

5. Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer is turning back the clocks and playing like he did with the Cincinnati Bengals. Surprisingly, Palmer still isn't owned in most fantasy leagues. Palmer has 11 touchdowns and just two interceptions this season with a 99.3 passer rating. Thanks to Palmer, the Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the entire NFL at 7-1. Palmer is 5-0 this season as the Cardinals starter, and Larry Fitzgerald is looking great. The Cardinals host the St. Louis Rams next week.

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