During a recent interview with Power 105.1 's "The Breakfast Club," "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Morgan Hardman slammed her former employer and "LHHH" co-star, Ray J, for allegedly abusing her and getting her son kicked off his basketball team.

A past episode of "LHHH" shows Ray J ending his working relationship with Hardman, his former assistant, following her decision to take on a hosting gig at the same time she was hired to assist Ray J during his Powerhouse performance in Los Angeles.

At the end of the episode, we see Hardman crying after being fired.

Check out a clip from the episode below.

Despite the fact that Ray J fires his assistant in the clip, Hardman recently told The Breakfast Club that she was not fired, and the real reason she was crying is because Ray J hit her in front of her son a few days prior to firing her.

"That scene y'all saw happened two days after he put his hands on me in front of my son and that's why I was crying because it was the first time I had seen him after that situation," Hardman said. "Ray needs help because he's battling with demons inside."

Hardman added that the "One Wish" singer is the reason her son, Corey, no longer plays basketball.

"My son's grandparents run that team," Hardman said. "And [Ray] told them take little Corey off that team."

"Because he's one of the sponsors of the team," Hardman's friend and "LHHH" co-star, Teairra Mari, said.

In addition to calling out Ray J on his alleged abuse, Hardman also discussed her alleged feud that erupted on the "LHHH" reunion taping with Ray J's current girlfriend, Princess Love. 

Hardman said "LHHH" producers allowed Love to fight Hardman at the taping. Before Hardman could fight back, producers separated the two and Hardman became so upset that she punched a wall and fractured her hand.

Check out more of Hardman's interview on "The Breakfast Club" below.

TMZ reports that Hardman has yet to seek proper medical treatment for her hand because of her fear of "catching Ebola."