Don Omar is a free man now that domestic violence charges against him have been dropped.

The singer was arrested in mid-September after his ex-girlfriend reported him for domestic abuse. He was charged with two counts of threatening a person and two counts of weapons violation.

The case was dismissed by Judge Janette Perea Lopez, as his ex-girlfriend, Rebeca Lopez, did not show up to testify against Don Omar, notes TV y Novelas. The case had been rescheduled a number of times, but Lopez failed to show up each and every time.

After the ruling, Don Omar's electronic monitoring device was removed, and the bond was lifted.

Still, Don Omar may not be out in the clear just yet. The judge let him know that prosecutor Mibari Rivera petitioned and was granted the option to refile charges at a later date.

On Monday, the singer took to Twitter to explain that the circus may return again, referring to the fact that he is still not home free. Most of his fans wished him luck and said they believed it would work out.

Reports previously said that Don Omar paid off his ex-girlfriend so she wouldn't testify against him. She was supposedly paid $350,000. Lopez, who went to Washington, D.C. following Don Omar's arrest, denied that this was true.

Earlier this month, Don Omar explained that he wanted to move forward with his life and has been concentrating on music while he was under house arrest. He told EFE that he's been focused on himself for more than a month.

"I've been focused on my own things the last 45 days," he said. "I have time to think of myself, my career and what I want to do and what I want to keep doing."