It has been a bad week for Mexican first lady Angelica Rivera.

She and her husband, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, have been criticized for their lavish $7 million home. After Aristegui Noticias revealed that the house was registered to construction company Ingeniería Inmobiliaria del Centro, which has won many contracts during Nieto's term, the president explained that the house belonged to his wife, who is a former actress.

On Wednesday, Rivera, who is best known as La Gaviota, explained how she was able to afford the home.

"Given all the accusations that have put my honor in doubt, I want to clear up to you that I have nothing to hide. I have worked my whole life, and thanks to that I am an independent woman," she said according to People en Espanol. "The house and the construction will continue being Inmobiliaria's property until I make full payment on the agreed price and all of its interests."

The public still remained unconvinced -- so much so, that they began putting together memes following Rivera's speech. Below are some of the best ones.

People used current pop culture moments to slam the first lady. This faux Paper Magazine has changed its name to the Spanish word for paper, Papel. 

Though Rivera worked with Televisa, people do not believe that she could have made that much money, something that was pointed out frequently on Twitter.  

"BREAKING NEWS: Everyone in #hollywood to sign #Multimillion contract with @Televisa all thanks to #AngelicaRivera," one social media user said.

Others are also wondering how Rivera's house is more expensive than successful than that of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. Rivera starred in 13 telenovelas, and she was only the lead in six of them. She has also been in one movie. 

Javier Lopez, who is better known as Chabelo, has been in significantly more things than Rivera, so people wondered what kind of house he could buy.

"If with a few telenovelas she was able to afford this, I already want to see Chabelo's empire," said one of the memes

Some people took the opportunity to joke about Rivera's fictional musical career. In the telenovela "Alcanzar Una Estrella II," her character was part of Muñecos de Papel.

"Muñecos de Papel continues selling albums, OK?" the meme said.