Gabriel Coronel portrayed the villainous Francisco Marino on "Reina de Corazones," but was much more approachable as he sat down with "Suelta la Sopa" and gave very intimate details of his sex and love life.

The actor was asked a series of questions in a short amount of time, and the questions ranged from his musical heroes to more personal matters.

When asked about his first kiss, Coronel said it took place when he was 12. He recalled being in school in an empty classroom. The other person initiated the kiss, he said.

If Coronel could only save one musician, he would choose fellow Venezuelan Franco De Vita.

He was also asked about his first time having sex.

"It was in an apartment near the beach," he said. "She was much older than me, so it was great because I had a teacher that day."

This question made him smile widely, as he was asked more questions.

Coronel then got more serious about the topic of sex when he was asked how important it was to a relationship.

"For me, it's very important because I think it closes the cycle of a beautiful relationship, where everything is complemented," he said.

Then, the actor was asked if he likes to sleep with or without pajamas. Coronel joked that while he goes to sleep with pajamas, he ends up without them in the morning. He explained that he has no idea how it happens.

Earlier in the year, Coronel talked about the importance of his fans.

"It's important for me to go to these countries and meet my fans, and be able to kiss them and hug them," Coronel said.

When he's not meeting his fans in person, Coronel is keeping them updated on his life through Instagram.

On Tuesday, he teased an upcoming project on the social media site. He shared a picture of himself sitting and looking off at the distance.

"Good afternoon..." he said. "#Love #Peace #Orlando #Surprises."