Brand new Apple iPhone 6 rumors have been circulating online regarding a possibly larger screen display.

Designntrend writes about the latest reports that Apple may come up with a newer iPhone with a screen size that will fall between 4.8 and 6 inches. It may still be too early to tell but still the source of the alleged claim confirms it's going to be at 5 inches for the iPhone 6.

Whether or not the latest iPhone 6 rumors are true, it is still very ideal if they will truly push through with the bigger display feature and will make it worthy to be in line with its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

Such Apple rumors apply the same for their soon to be released iPads. The same report gives claims that the tech giant may come up with a tablet set at 12 to 13 inches by 2014. In short, Apple is introducing its fans to a whole new display technology but remains mum about any of its details yet. It's keeping fans excited and thrilled with surprises that Apple is good at.

International Business Times adds that as per ETNews' claim, it raises the company's point in leveling up "to diversify its product lines to reach more customers." The site also mentioned that 9to5Mac may come up with an iPad Mini at 7.9 inches, a newer iPad at 9.7 inches and a larger iPad set at 12.9 inches.

Other iPhone 6 rumors include the possible solar charging feature, digital signatures, a 128GB model option, and a quad core processor.

MacRumors stated that the Apple company is all set to release its new products when the fall months come in. Other items like the Apple iWatch can potentially arrive by 2014 or so which will surely make all the tech giant's fans pretty excited.