Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is recovering today after undergoing brain surgery.

Doctors performed a two-hour-long operation on President Fernandez, age 60, in order to stop bleeding on her brain. The surgery was performed at a Buenos Aires hospital.

Accord to Alfredo Scoccimarro, President Fernandez's spokesman, the surgery "went very well."

"The president is in good spirits and is already in her room," Scoccimarro said.

In August, doctors conducted a brain scan after an injury which from an undisclosed summer injury. A fall is believed to have caused the injury

On Saturday, the Argentinian president suffered from headaches, an irregular heartbeat and slight loss of strength in her left arm. Another brain scan revealed a subdural haematoma, or bleeding between the skull and the brain. Doctors subsequently ordered President Fernandez to take a month off.

Doctors say that Fernandez's condition is "evolving favorably."

As a result of the President's illness, Fernandez will have to take a break from congressional elections campaigns. Medical experts say that President Fernandez might require longer than a month of rest. The type of surgery she had has a long recovery time.

Vice President Amado Boudou is in charge of the country while President Fernandez is on leave. The vice president is currently under investigation for corruption.

President Fernandez was elected in 2007. In 2011, she was reelected by a large majority. In 2010, President Fernandez's husband, former Argentina President Nestor Kirchner, died from a heart attack.

Since becoming President, Fernandez has been to the hospital multiple times. She has suffered from low blood pressure and had a thyroid gland removed in 2012.

Further information about the president's health will be announced midday Wednesday.