Adele is currently finishing up her third studio album.Who will be featured on her long-awaited LP?

According to Daily Star, the British singer's upcoming collaboration is going to be a very "happy" one.

"Adele is back in the U.S. to finalize her new album and she's making some 11th hour alterations. She wants to try something different with Pharrell," a source said.

Skateboard P would love to team up with Adele, as he praised her 2010 hit "Rolling in the Deep."

"I always thought it was special, man, that soulful, soulful voice" he said.

The "Someone Like You" hitmaker's recording sessions in Los Angeles began in 2012. Adele reportedly arrived back in Los Angeles last weekend because she wished to let Eminem's go-to producer listen to her music, the source said.

"Adele wanted to go back to Malibu so Rick Rubin could give her his opinion," the source said.

Meanwhile, the reports claiming Adele will release her forthcoming record followed by a tour in 2015, surfaced online last year.

The official Twitter account for the World Music Awards made an announcement to its 316,000 followers on July 15 about the award-winning artist's possible future plans.

"#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album '25'!" the tweet said.

At the time, the tweet was quite anticipated, as the "Rumor Has It" singer took to her social media account back in May to hint at her new album's title, when she turned 26:

It would make sense if Adele names the follow-up to her 2008 debut album "19" and highly-praised 2011 sophomore record "21" as "25," since each project captures her life according to the respective age.