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'La Malquerida' Finale Recap, Spoilers & Alternative Endings: Esteban Gets Violent With Acacia in Final Episodea

First Posted: Jan 19, 2015 11:01 AM EST
La Malquerida

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"La Malquerida" came to its grand finale recently, and just like the rest of the show, it had a dramatic conclusion. (Catch up on previous "La Malquerida" episodes here.)

Here's what happened in episodes 111 to 116 of "La Malquerida."

Episode 111:

Esteban explains to Acacia that she couldn't have married Manuel because the two love each other. Acacia tells Esteban that she loves him and he knows it, but that she needs him to give her some space.

Episode 112:

Esteban asks Cristina how Acacia is doing, and she tells him that speaking to Ulises helped some. Esteban is upset that Ulises spent time with Acacia.

Hector tells Ulises that Esteban doesn't see Acacia as a daughter, and Ulises is shocked.

Even though Acacia is not doing well following Manuel's death, Esteban tries to get near her.

Episode 113:

Acacia tells Alejandra that Esteban confessed to killing Manuel and threatened her by saying the same fate would follow any man with whom she ends up.

Esteban argues with Ulises and tells him that he loves and desires Acacia like no one else does. Cristina enters the room and asks what he is saying.

Episode 114:

Cristina tells Juliana and Norberto that they now know who Manuel's murderer is.

Full of rage, Ulises asks Acacia if it's Esteban who she really loves.

Episode 115:

Cristina tells Hector that Esteban stole from her.

Acacia screams at her mother and says that Esteban wanted everything that her father had, but that with time, he also wanted her. Cristina is surprised to hear her speak like this, but Acacia says it's time to talk, woman to woman.

Episode 116:

Cristina is surprised to know about Esteban and Acacia and is very hurt. Acacia didn't want to hurt her mother but knew she couldn't handle keeping it a secret any longer. She explains that she never saw Esteban as a father, and somehow, she eventually started having feelings for him.

Acacia turns to her grandparents for help. After she tells them the truth, she asks to stay with them so that she can leave her mother alone. Acacia's grandparents don't want the two women to be at odds.

Esteban tries to get Acacia to run away with him, but Acacia has had it with him. She tells him that she'll call the police on him. Esteban starts trying to take Acacia, but Cristina stops him.

Esteban shoots Norberto and Acacia.

Although it seems Acacia might die, after she goes to the hospital she recovers. She is able to attend Alejandra's wedding, where she hugs Ulises.

Acacia goes to visit Esteban in jail to let him know that she never loved him. She later tells Ulises that she does love him and is also able to work out her relationship with her mother.

Three alternate endings aired online. Click here to find out what happened.

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