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AK Canserbero Dead: Rapper Tirone González Cause of Death Reportedly Suicide Following Alleged Murder of Zion TPL Bassist

First Posted: Jan 20, 2015 03:04 PM EST
AK Canserbero Tirone González instagram

Photo : Instagram/Canserbero

Tirone González, the name of Venezuelan rapper AK Canserbero, reportedly committed suicide on Tuesday in Maracay.

According to El Siglo, Canserbero was going through a strong bout of depression, and Carlos Molnar, bassist for Zion TPL, invited the rapper to stay with him. The two were friends, notes El Universal.

That same night, Canserbero reportedly stabbed Molnar, 35, to death. He then jumped from the 10th floor of the building. The rapper's girlfriend was also in the building, and she is the one who called police.

Diario El Aragüeño reporter Jeanferich Ontiveros has taken to Twitter to cover the tragedy.

"Friends of AK Canserbero and the bassist of TPL Zion mourn outside the building," Ontiveros said.

With his message, he also shared a picture of a group of men looking in front of them.

Canserbero's fans have taken to social media to talk about the rapper. His name is trending on Twitter in Venezuela.

The messages on Twitter have both expressed sadness and condemned his actions.

One fan wrote, "R.I.P The rap world is in mourning. One of the greats left us. Canserbero."

Another said people were focusing on the wrong things.

"Has someone thought about the kids and the wife [of Molnar]?" the Twitter user said. "No, right. Because they are not 'famous.'"

Canserbero's last Instagram post and tweet came on Jan. 18.

On Instagram, he shared an image of what was a possible rap, as indicated by the top of the image.

"And I do not want to be an undisciplined soldier/But the order that you have give me/I don't intend to obey/It's a glaring lack of human rights/The King is satisfied/And it is the blood of the people that runs in vain," the first verse said.

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