WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 was one a must see even for wrestling fans. And with the inclusion of Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and John Cena, the show delivered a hell of a show - if you know what I a mean.

Following dwindling pay-per-view ratings, Hell in a Cell was aimed at bringing the numbers up by placing the names in the WWE against each other. Held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL -home to the current Champs Miami Heat - the show was packed with championship-esque matches, including one that would crown a new WWE Champion.

Here's how things went on at last night's WWE extravaganza:

Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

Winner: Damien Sandow

Sandow wins via a new finisher called "The You're Welcome", reports Bleacher Report; but that wasn't without Kofi doing damage on him. Kingston tried to control the fight early on, even hitting Sandow with "The Elbow of Disdain." However, after a close match, Damien bags the win.

WWE TAG Team Championship - Triple Threat Match

Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs The Usos vs The Shield

Winner: Goldust and Cody Rhodes

The Miz (The Wyatt Family) vs Luk Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Kane

The Miz was talking trash against Harper and Rowan, calling the tow hillbillies. The lights go out on the ring, just enough for Rowan and Harper to appear in the ring and beat The Miz up. It wasn't too long though when the Big Red Monster stepped into the ring to beat everybody up. However, The Miz got the worse of Kane when he chokeslams him and fire ensue the corners of the ring. It seems that will be seeing more of Kane and the Wyatt Family soon.

Summer Rae and Fandango vs Natalya and The Great Khali

Winner: Summer Rae and Fandango

Big E Langston vs Dean Ambrose

Winner: Big E Langston

Handicap Hell in a Cell

CM Punk vs Ryback & Paul Heyman

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk started the match trampling Ryback; however, Ryback retaliated the first chance he got, choking CM with his boot. All throughout, Punk kept glancing at Heyman who stayed atop the steel cell. Ryback had a close fall against CM, but the latter was able to break away, get a hold of a kendo stick and hits Ryback. He follows this with a G2S and pins Ryback down for the three-count.

Los Matadores vs The Real Americans

Winner: Los Matadores

WWE Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

Winner: John Cena

Back from his injury, Cena aims to bag the WWE Championship belt. It was a close match in the start - a give-and-take to be exact. However, Cena was able to take over with a big belly to back suplex, DDT and an STF, countering Del Rio's cross arm breaker. In the end, Cena pins Del Rio for the three-count, the win and the belt.

AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Winner: AJ Lee

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Winner: Randy Orton

Many have awaited this match, but it gets more interesting with Heartbreaker Kid, Shawn Michaels, as referee. Probably the most exciting match of the night, it was all out between the Bryan and Orton. Each one had chances to finish the match, causing two pin counts on each other. However, there were times when Michaels seemed to be favoring Bryan, at least according to Triple H. Nonetheless, in the end Orton gets the win, following Michael's Sweet Chin Music hit to Bryan. Randy immediately pins Bryan down for the count and the win.