is a racial slur database. It's a website that gives individuals hateful verbal ammunition so that anyone can verbally attack anyone of any race. But, all or most minorities or oppressed individuals understand that these words have more than once cause violent reactions.

On Friday, Nov. 8, a man was shot and killed while driving his car in a Rialto neighborhood in Southern California. According to Police Captain Randy DeAnda, the fatal shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute that was fueled by racial slurs.  

The Inland Valley Regional SWAT team and Rialto police arrested a man by the name of Ingram Hoadena, 34, at his parents' home, suspected of the shooting death of Anthony Santoscoy, 44. Santoscoy was discovered in his 1999 Toyota sedan, at 5:11 p.m., by police responders. He was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton. There, he was pronounced dead.

Witnesses reported that the two men were arguing and exchanging racial slurs, when Hoadena withdrew a handgun and shot the other man. DeAnda stated that their investigation has uncovered that Hoadena, a black man, and Santoscoy, a Latino, had an ongoing exchange of racial slurs that regularly occurred over some time. Hoadena and Santoscoy often had run-ins because Santoscoy had family that lived near Hoadena.

"I was told it was a weekly altercation between the two," DeAnda said.

Because of the ongoing exchange, the fatal shooting has not been characterized as a hate crime.

While there's no data to be found that determines how many violent incidents or homicides are incited by racial slurs or aggravated exchanges regarding race, there have been several incidents this year, alone, that has received media attention.

There have been at least a dozen incidents this year where racial slurs were used by a victim prior to violent attack by an assailant. In October of this year, a driver ran over a skateboarder after the skateboarder yelled a racial slur at him. The skateboarder lived, only after citizens lifted the minivan to free the skateboarder. In May, an off duty New Jersey cop shot a man by the name of Joseph Walker, after he reportedly yelled a racial slur at the officer. The offer called the shooting "justifiable."

While, on average, race related crimes appear to be down, the number of deaths and attack as a result of hate crimes is still breathtaking. FBI reported last year's attacks: anti-black (2,201), anti-white (575), anti-Hispanic (534), and anti-homosexual (1,230).