Veteran actress Linda Lavin will be featured on "Bones" when the long-running forensic comedy series returns from its winter hiatus next month.

According to TVLine, Lavin, who recently appeared on "The Good Wife," will guest star as a criminal courts judge in an upcoming episode titled "The Verdict in the Victims." In the episode, Booth and Brennan will petition the judge to stop the execution of a condemned killer who they believe is innocent.

Carter Matt also speculates that the episode will revolve around Booth and Brennan as they race against time to prevent an inmate from being put to death.

Fans of "Bones" can also look forward to more "exciting" storylines between Jack Hodgins and Angela when show returns with new episodes.

Actress Michaela Conlin teased that "[Jack] Hodgins and Angela have something exciting happen to them," reports TVLine.

Actor T.J. Thyne also dropped spoilers about Episode 11, revealing that conflict will arise between Hodgins and Angela after resident psychic Avalon Harmonia, played by returning guest star Cyndi Lauper, makes contact with the spirt of the late Dr. Lance Sweets. This will lead to a debate over spirituality v. science.

"Avalon 'sees' Sweets, which pisses Hodgins off, so Hodgins and Avalon go at it, with Angela caught in the middle. And that gets pretty intense!" said Thyne.

Conlin also revealed that an upcoming "Bones" episode will involve a poker game.

Hodgins and Angela are not the only couple who will face a new challenge when "Bones" returns from its winter hiatus. Cam and Arastoo will also come to a crossroads when Arastoo decides to go back to Iran to take care of his brother and ends up as a political prisoner.

"He goes back because his brother is dying. That will come back in a very, very major way later on in the season," executive producer Stephen Nathan told TV Guide. "The only way he can leave is to solve a particularly sensitive murder, and of course he can't do it without help."

"Bones" will return on Thursday, March 26 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.