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Electric Cars 2015 News: Apple Wants to Have an Electric Car for Sale by 2020, Rumors Say

First Posted: Feb 20, 2015 11:09 AM EST
apple ceo Tim Cook

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Reports show Apple is trying to get an electric car on roads in the next five years.

CNET reports Apple has not announced anything regarding making and selling an electric car, but according to Bloomberg reports, the company has a team of 200 employees working on the project.

The car would compete with Tesla and other electric cars and might even be self-driving.

Last week, rumors began to surface Apple was building a team of employees to start the early tasks of designing and building an electric car. Apple was served with a lawsuit from A123 Systems, a maker of batteries for electric cars, who accused them of taking five top engineers from their company to go work for Apple's new battery division earlier this month. A123 Systems added Apple is creating a large-scale battery division that will compete in their very same field.

Reports go back even further than that.

Apple was suspected of trying to buy Tesla.

While Tesla's CEO Elon Musk said Apple and his company did talk, he insisted that Tesla was not for sale. Tesla has hired several former Apple employees, but Apple has grabbed a few Tesla employees to join their company too, Musk told Bloomberg.

Apple has wanted to get involved in the automotive industry for quite some time.

It took a while for CEO Tim Cook to admit Apple's in-car system CarPlay was a "key to our future."

Autonomous (self-driving) vehicles can be and, according to Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas, will be used everywhere and accepted by consumers. Jonas said by 2026, they will be everywhere. 

Do you think Apple has the capability to create an electric or self-driving car?

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