So as in movies, fires, car chases, fights and things blowing up are very common in Telenovelas. In fact, everything seems a little more dramatic in Hispanic soap operas. Women cry more, fight more, men cheat more and people die more often. Telenovelas are a part of Latin culture, we grow up watching "novelas" with our mothers and grandmothers. Even guys can recall sitting down once or twice to watch the novela at 7p.m with "mami".

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli are two of the hottest telenovelas actors on the Hispanic entertainment scene right now. Rulli has recently confirmed his split to another telenovela actress Aracely Arambula (Noooooo!); maybe this is why he was a bit distracted. While recording a scene of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robo", where Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer's character share a love interest, Rulli had a small accident. As he held Angelique in his arms while running away from a massive fire, Rolli tripped on a rug, causing both actors to fall to the ground. Luckily, they were both far enough from the "fire" so they weren't seriously hurt. They walked away from the accident with minor cuts and bruises.

The "blooper" video has not been released yet, but we are all patiently waiting for it. This guy in high school once told me "there's nothing funnier than seeing a hot girl trip and fall". Of course at the time I was that girl who tripped and fell in front of him and the rest of the football team, I'm sure he added the "hot" word in there just to make me feel better, since I wanted the ground to swallow me. Either way, it's really funny when anyone falls down, seeing this gorgeous pair fall to their embarrassment is going to make our day. Sorry guys, sometimes things go wrong during filming and these things must be shared with the public. Plus, you weren't seriously hurt which makes it okay for us to you.