In case you were wondering, Demi Lovato is all grown up, and her new video for "Neon Lights" proves just that!

In the video, released yesterday, the former teen star (she's now 21) throws an uber-cool dance party under the stars as she dances, naked, in the pool. It seems that her stint in rehab (she underwent rehab while she was still a star on Disney's "Sonny With A Chance," becoming the only teen star in the network's history to do so) yielded positive results...including this video and an as-yet-untitled and unstarted memoir.

"When I was in treatment, I honestly thought my career was over," the star told US Magazine. "But when I came out of treatment, I had more supportive fans than ever. I'm battling with internal thoughts on how honest I should be. Yes, I've been very honest, but if people really knew how dark and deep my struggles got -- not just with my eating disorder but with drugs and alcohol -- they'd be really shocked. But I'll most likely end up saying everything. Maybe it'll help other people in the industry who are headed down the wrong path."

Check out the video below and sound off on your thoughts. Too risque? Not risque enough? Just right?!