With recent news of the NBA star rapping about cheating on his own Kardashian wife, it seems pretty clear how things seem to be impossible to patch up and not lead to divorce for the most controversial couples of this year.

The latest video of Lamar rapping along with his bud Jamie Sangouthai only triggered more negativity on the spreading Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom divorce news. Heatworld.com wrote that the lyrics were quite hard to understand especially if you are not a fan of rap songs.

A part of the rap was translated by the site with Lamar allegedly referring to his drugs issues which stated: "All I do is [incoherent] and all the pain go away, I can see you, but I can't tell you some place where they hate blacks, that's why I stay in the room smoking little tibs and wash it down with the black."

So how did Khloe react?

The Kardashian reality star arrived in LA on Sunday after touring Australia, Amsterdam, London and Dubai for their fashion line. She was not seen with Lamar since but instead she was spotted with Scott Disick, the long time boyfriend of her sister Kourtney, Entertainment Wise stated.

They were in the Philippes Restaurant and the Kardashian sister was seen wearing a black and fit jumpsuit showing off a racy cleavage without a bra on. She even gave a quick smile to the paparazzis before leaving.

Lamar allegedly commented to E! News recently that he and wife Khloe are doing fine while the Kardashian was still in Australia. However, it seemd that the Kardashian was feeling otherwise. Yahoo! UK noted that Khloe explaining, "Obviously, I would like to help him and let him live his life but I don't know what else to do. I am at war with myself, I want to help him but maybe sometimes the best help is stepping away."