Ashton Kutcher shocked the world when a recent encounter with the paparazzi left everyone wondering: is his girlfriend, "Family Guy" star Mila Kunis, pregnant? 

TMZ was the first to start the fire: they camped out of a restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, trying to get a video of the duo. When Ashton emerged from the restaurant with his lady in tow, he strong-armed some paparazzi that were crowding around the restaurant (TMZ, you'll be happy to know, escaped the brouhaha unscathed). While he was strong-arming the photographers, a bodyguard slipped Mila into Ashton's car, thereby getting the actress out of harm's way and into the car with nary a photo taken.

So, what's the deal? According to TMZ, because of the pregnancy rumors, if Mila is indeed pregnant, a paparazzi photo of the star with her "belly up front' could fetch, literally, thousands of dollars.

According to SheKnows, though, this is all part of Mila's plan: she recently said that she wants to take her relationship with Ashton to the next level, and Ashton recently finalized his divorce from actress Demi Moore. They have admitted that they're "not taking any precautions against having a baby." Meanwhile, SheKnows also reports that Gossip Cop spoke to sources close to the couple who shot down the rumor as "100 percent not true." it possible? Definitely. Is it true? Take a look at the video at TMZ and judge for yourself.

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