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Selena 20 Years: Becky G Calls Late Singer 'So Special and So Relatable' After Appearing on 'Siempre Selena'

First Posted: Mar 30, 2015 12:09 PM EDT

Photo : Instagram/iambeckyg

Late Tejano singer Selena continues to be an inspiration even two decades after her death.

Becky G is one of the people who appreciates what Selena did for Latinas in the music industry. The teen singer shared a digitally altered image of herself with Selena on the weekend.

Becky G posted a picture of Selena on her Instagram page on Sunday. She is very thankful for the inspiration that Selena gave her and others.

"Selena is one of my biggest inspirations. Beyond just her music, her way of being with her family and fans was so special and so relatable. Every show, interview, and song had something special. Something Selena. Thankful for the path she had created for young women like myself to be ourselves," Becky G captioned the photo.

Selena was murdered on March, 31 1995. Becky G was born in 1997.

Becky G was part of a special program on Telemundo titled "Siempre Selena," which was hosted by journalist Carmen Dominicci.

During the special, Becky G explained how "Como La Flor" was one of her favorite songs. She also talked about how Selena was always a part of her life. Becky G is certain that without Selena paving the way, the music industry would be much more difficult for Latina artists now.

Selena started off singing songs in Spanish, despite not having grown up speaking the language. She ended up learning the language as she went through her career, eventually mastering it.

In 1995, she was working on releasing an English-language album. Her husband, Chris Perez, revealed on the special that Selena was terrified to release an album on her own becuase she had been backed by her siblings and the rest of the Los Dinos for her entire career.

The special gave those closest to her -- such as her father, her brother and her sister -- the chance to talk about the singer, and reveal interesting tidbits.

"Twenty years after her death, we might think we know everything about Selena, but that's not true, as I discovered over the last few months as we prepared Telemundo's tribute to this charismatic and versatile singer," Dominicci said.

"Selena Quintanilla was a young woman ahead of her time who revolutionized music and transformed the way the market views Hispanics in the United States. Two decades later, her legacy is still with us," Dominicci added.

Becky G was joined by Selena admirers Jennifer Lopez, Mexican group Moderatto and Dominican singer Kat DeLuna.

Lopez explained that Selena taught her how to handle the life of a celebrity, and DeLuna explained hearing Selena for the first time on the radio. She was choked up thinking about the impact Selena had in her life.

Univision also ran tributes to Selena over the weekend.

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