The East Coast has once again been pummeled with snow, sleet and freezing rain, leading some meteorologists to speculate that a White Christmas could be in the forecast this year.  

The Washington Post is reporting that the same storm that trounced the Midwest last week has made its way to the East Coast, and yesterday Philadelphia got the brunt of the snowy action. Of course, the rest of the East Coast got into its share of winter not-so-wonderland trouble, and some spots gained up to a foot of snow. Other reported issues included power outages, delayed or stopped highways, closing schools and even a delay in the start times of the Federal government, who allowed their workers to come in up to two hours later than normal.

In addition, the storm created its fair share of travel-related delays: more than 2,800 flights were canceled on Sunday, and thousands more were delayed. Sunday's snow fell so heavily in Philadelphia that yard markers at Lincoln Financial Field -- where the Eagles beat the Detroit Lions -- were completely obscured. It was almost as bad in Pittsburgh, where the snow intensified after the opening kickoff. 

CNN is also reporting that it's not just the East Coast that's getting its fair share of snowy weather: the high temperature at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport Saturday, Dec. 7 was 26 degrees -- the coldest high temperature ever recorded there and the coldest December day in Dallas/Fort Worth in 23 years. Parts of Texas, the Upper South and the Midwest warmed up just a little bit on Sunday after being socked by the winter storm. The Weather Service said the temps rose into the high 30s and 40s, but dropped below freezing again Sunday night. 

As for whether the East Coast will see a White Christmas...according to the website, the chances of NYC seeing snow Dec. 25, as of this writing, is 50%. The chances increase going north (Boston has almost a 75% chance of snow).