As many sports fans know, Major League Baseball has been an extremely popular sport in the Hispanic community.

Nearly 30 percent (22 percent foreign-born Latinos) of MLB players today have Hispanic heritage. Ever since Luis Castro debuted for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1902, Latin American players have thrived on the baseball field. Players such as Roberto Clemente, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Mariano Rivera are some of the most notable Latino players of all-time

MLB recently teamed up with LatinWorks agency, to promote the game more and reach out to their Hispanic fan base on a bigger scale.

"Looking at 2015, we wanted to do more to reach out to Latino fans in places we haven't been. We are buying media and forming media partnerships to engage Latinos more proactively," says Jacqueline Parkes, chief marketing officer for Major League Baseball.

Rob Manfred, MLB's new commissioner, will also be working with LatinWorks in efforts to organize a strategy plan. MLB is also using tech to reach out to the Hispanic community, as well. The At Bat app allows viewers to watch and follow games in Spanish. ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes and Landia have also been promoting MLB, MLB's Spanish apps, and have raised awareness about the growth of Latinos in MLB.

“We want to emphasize all of the magical things that happen in and around the game. We’re trying to capture the idea that Latinos in the U.S. have an opportunity for greatness ‘aqui,’ here, with Major League Baseball," LatinWorks President & Chief Creative Officer Sergio Alcocer said.

It has already been confirmed that MLB will put "special interest" on Hispanic Heritage Month come September as well as Robert Clemente Day. The At bat app has already been a huge success in all of North America. Before Opening Day on Sunday, between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, Mexican baseball fans showed enormous support for the app, according to

"This is us saying to Latino consumers, 'You are here, you are part of the game, and we want you to be here more frequently.' The campaign celebrates the nuances of the game and the powerful influence that Latino players have on the game," Parkes later said.

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