The 2015 NFL offseason began with a bang.

Notable players such as Darrelle Revis, DeMarco Murray and Ndamukong Suh switched teams in free agency and trade. The biggest name in trade rumors recently has been Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. The Cowboys have shown interest, but it isn't very likely he will end up in Dallas.

Here are five reasons Peterson won't be traded to the Cowboys this NFL offseason:

1. Money

Running backs usually have one chance to get a huge contract, and Peterson certainly did that three years ago with $36 million fully guaranteed. It's hard to argue with it considering Peterson has been one of the best running backs in the league since 2007, with more than 10,000 rushing yards. But he will cost a lot. If the Cowboys trade for Peterson this offseason, they will have to pay $47.4 million in cap hits over the next three seasons. Jerry Jones is finally making wise decisions financially, and breaking the bank on Peterson would severely hurt the Cowboys' salary cap.

2. Age

It's very rare we see running backs thrive past the age of 30. Peterson turned 30 years old in March, and he missed almost all of last season. Would missing last season be more rest, or would it result in more rust for the superstar running back? The Cowboys would eventually be paying a 33-year-old Peterson $16.75 million. That's a tough decision to make considering the Cowboys still have to find a way to re-sign superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant, improve their defense, and continue to maintain the best offensive line in the NFL.

3. DeMarco Murray

Did the Cowboys make a mistake letting Murray walk? Maybe, but probably not. The Cowboys know they have an elite offensive line, and paying Murray $20 million guaranteed was a bit too much. Having said that, it would be pretty weird and hypocritical if the Cowboys traded for Peterson. Peterson is three years older, has a an even bigger contract, and he is coming off one of the best seasons in franchise history. Unless Peterson is willing to play for less on the Cowboys, it wouldn't make much sense bringing him in when you had Murray.

4. The Vikings

The only good thing for the Vikings in a potential Peterson trade would be saving a lot of salary cap space over the next three years, again $47.4 million worth. But, do the Vikings even want to get rid of Peterson? The Vikings have missed the playoffs four of the last five seasons, and the departure of Peterson would certainly spawn a rebuilding era. Vikings management also knows Peterson is by far the most popular player on the team. He's the one driving up ratings, jersey sales and filling up the seats at the stadium. He can refuse to play, but Minnesota shouldn't be intimidated in any way.

5. The 2015 NFL Draft

NFL fans haven't seen a running back drafted in the first for quite some time. The Cowboys should stay away from the big trades, and free agent backs, and instead, focus on the upcoming NFL Draft. Notable running backs like Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi could all very well get drafted in the top 40 picks. If the Cowboys draft a running back, they would save millions upon millions of dollars of cap space over the next three years. Let's also not sleep on Joseph Randle, who has had some shining moments before.

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