Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was recently reinstated by the National Football League.

Widely regarded as one of the best runners in the league, Peterson has shown frustration with the Vikings, and it's obvious he wants out.

It won't be easy though. Peterson still has three years left on his NFL contract in which he will count $47.4 million against the salary cap. Not to mention the 2015 NFL Draft is approaching. That's crucial because the Vikings would have to get back a draft pick in return for Peterson.

So let's break this down. Here are five teams that could make a trade for Peterson this NFL offseason:

1. Oakland Raiders

It's been a long time since the Raiders even made the playoffs, which was 2002, when they reached the Super Bowl but were blown out by Warren Sapp and the legendary defense of the late 90s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Even longer since they won the Super Bowl, which they last won in 1983. Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson aren't walking through that door any time soon. According to multiple NFL reports, the Raiders are very interested in acquiring Peterson. Darren McFadden had his moments, but injuries and an expiring contract now have him with the Cowboys. The Raiders would be a good trade fit for the Vikings because they play in the AFC, and they have plenty to offer. The Raiders have the fourth most available salary cap space in the NFL.

2. Arizona Cardinals

This would probably be the best fit on the field. Cardinals fans haven't seen much progress when it comes to the ground game in recent memory. The Cardinals ranked 31st in rushing last season, 23rd in 2013, and last in 2012. To make matters worse, they play in a tough NFC West division with the Seattle Seahawks. Trading for Peterson won't be easy, but the Cardinals are interested. With Carson Palmer coming off a severe ACL injury and Larry Fitzgerald taking a pay cut, spending big money may be worth it.

3. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have been tied to Peterson for years. Peterson grew up a Cowboys fan, and he would love nothing more than to play for Jerry Jones' team. The last time Peterson had a reliable quarterback was when Brett Favre was under center, which was also the only time Peterson ever won a playoff game. This is the team Peterson wants to play for, but it will be very difficult. The Vikings would have to get back a lot of value in return if they are to send Peterson to a true contender, who just went 12-4 last season and won the NFC East.

4. San Diego Chargers

Why not?

The Chargers have had enormous running back issues ever since LaDainian Tomlinson left. Ryan Mathews signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, Branden Oliver isn't proven, and we all know Danny Woodhead isn't an every down back. Last season, the Chargers ranked 30th in the league rushing yards, and they currently have the ninth most salary cap space available. The Chargers are one of Peterson's "preferred teams." If the Chargers continue to not build a compete team around Philip Rivers, he may just leave as a free agent after next season. A team with Rivers and Peterson might actually have a chance at dethroning the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in the AFC West.

5. Cleveland Browns

The Vikings haven't closed the door on trading Peterson yet.

Reports have indicated that they could trade him if they were to get back a first round draft pick and a quality cornerback. Well, the Browns could certainly entertain the Vikings with a trade possibility. The Browns have quality corners such as Joe Haden, and they have two first round selections in the upcoming draft. On top of that, the Browns have missed the playoffs the last 12 consecutive seasons without having a star running back. The Browns have had just one 1,000-yard rusher in the last six seasons, Peyton Hillis in 2010.

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