Floyd Mayweather remained unbeaten once again after he defeated Manny Pacquiao on May 2, and although the "fight" wasn't very entertaining and Mayweather didn't strike any knockdowns, he was named the victor once again by decision.

Mayweather has said multiple times in the past that he plans on fighting this upcoming September, which would be his last fight under his Showtime contract. Everyone is predicting who the No. 1 ranked welterweight fighter will face next on his potential path to 49-0.

Here are five possible opponents for Mayweather's next fight:

1. Manny Pacquiao

It's pretty rare that the sequel is better than the original. And for fans hoping to see a Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier type of rematch, they're in for a big disappointment. Still, it's already been reported that ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has learned that Mayweather is interested in a rematch against Manny Pacquiao next year. Pacquiao will soon undergo shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff, and it could take up to a year for him to be ready to fight. Waiting a year for Pacquiao to get healed is a big risk for Mayweather, especially if Pacquiao isn't 100 percent ready to go by then.

2. Keith Thurman

Wouldn't this be something to watch?

Thurman vs. Mayweather would be the ultimate match of power against speed. Thurman is currently the No. 3 ranked Welterweight fighter in the world today, and he is the only Welterweight fighter ranked in the Top 4 under the age of 36 years old. Thurman has the power, the young age and, oh yeah, he's 25-0. In his last fight, Thurman defeated Robert Guerrero in arguably the "Fight of the Year" to retain his Interim WBA Title. Two undefeated champion boxers going at in September; that would certainly generate some pay-per-view buyers.

3. Timothy Bradley

It's kind of surprising Timothy Bradley has never faced Mayweather before. Bradley is a pretty similar fighter to Mayweather, except not as good. Bradley still has to face Jessie Vargas in June, but a match against Mayweather would be an interesting one. Bradley is a quick fighter with fast hands who brings a 31-1 record with him. A Mayweather vs. Bradley match would more than likely result in zero knockdowns, as neither fight brings a lot of punching power to the ring.

4. Kell Brook

A name that has been in a lot of talks over the last week is Kell Brook, who is presently the No. 5 ranked boxer in the Welterweight division thanks to an unblemished 34-0 record. On top of that, Ring Magazine rated him as the No. 1 contender even ahead of Pacquiao, Bradley and Thurman. Brook still has to face Frankie Gavin on May 30 in London, England, but his September calendar is wide open for a potential Mayweather bout. Brook hasn't been tested against the very best of this weight class, but it may be ready to get him that experience he needs.

5. Amir Khan

A fight between Amir Khan and Mayweather most likely wouldn't be very entertaining. Khan is an average boxer, but the reality is he's a bit overrated. Outside of a long 71-inch reach, there's not much to look forward to between Khan and Mayweather facing off. Khan has a 31-3 record, having been knocked out twice. However, rumors have been swirling between a potential fight with Khan and Mayweather for a year now, and it could very well happen in September. Khan still has to face Chris Algieri on May 29, which is no guaranteed victory for the 28-year-old out of Bolton, England.

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