I know what you're thinking: What the heck does American Pharoah have to do with Tiger Woods?

Woods is a 39-year-old golfer on the PGA tour while American Pharoah is a three-year-old horse ridden by Victor Espinoza. The two are at a crossroads in their careers, and the rest of 2015 could be ground breaking for both of their careers.

For American Pharoah, he's trying to become the first triple crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. There have been 11 triple crown winners, but it's been 37 years. Espinoza won the first leg, the Kentucky Derby, last year riding California Chrome as well as the Preakness Stakes, but lost the Belmont Stakes.

Winning the triple crown is so tough because one must go up against fresh horses each and every leg. American Pharoah will be competing at the Preakness Stakes on May 16 in Baltimore, Maryland. The closest we ever came to witnessing a triple crown winner since Affirmed was in 1998 when Real Quiet won the first two legs but lost the Belmont by just four inches at the finish line.

And then, there's Tiger Woods.

We haven't seen Woods win a single major since the 2008 United States Open. He hasn't even won the Master since 2005, watching green jackets being placed on someone else annually at Augusta. Woods sits at 14 career majors, just four behind the Jack Nicklaus for the most in golf history. Woods placed 17th at the 2015 Masters, and he'll have three more opportunities to win a major this year.

Although Woods still has three more majors to compete in, the competition is increasing. Phil Mickelson is still hanging around while young up and comers like Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are dominating the sport. Woods' tournaments are four day events while American Pharoah's competitions take place all in about two minutes. It's fast, quick and exciting vs. long, dramatic and enduring.

Woods has an advantage over American Pharoah in the fact that he can have a bad day at the office and recover. If Woods shoots over par, he can still recuperate on the weekend and win the British Open, U.S. Open or PGA Championship. For American Pharoah, mistakes can't be made to win the triple crown. Espinoza must win all three legs, no excuses.

Woods may have an advantage on historically difficulty, but Espinoza and American Pharoah are in the prime of their careers. They are already the odds on favorites to win the Preakness Stakes. Horse racing fans are betting on American Pharoah, but it's unlikely golf fans are putting any money on Woods.

So, will we see Woods win a major this year and can American Pharoah break the 37 year curse? Odds are, neither will happen. Woods does have three chances left, but he hasn't been able to capitalize in quite some time. For American Pharoah, the odds are stacked against him in a big way. Then again, both could happen, you just never know.

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