American superheroes draw your super powers and step aside: a new Latin superhero is making his way to the big screen in 2014, and is reportedly teaming up with Disney to create it. 

According to earlier reports from Colombian weekly, Semana, Disney is teaming up with a group of young Colombians to create a superhero film based on the comic "Zambo Dende: The Slave Avenger" created by Nicholas Rodriguez. 

With more Latinos showcasing their artisitic talent in multi-media platforms, the film, which will reportedly be called, "The Games Maker," will tell the story of Zambo Dende, while featuring a historical component and highlighting Rodriguez' creativity.

Who is Zambo Dende and what was his story? 

"Latin America 1577; two different races, both deprived of their very own cultural legacy sharing the merciless scenario, down from Colombia to the south of Brazil, were confined as slaves to do hard jobs on their wait for death.

"But every excess has its limit and it came in the form of a child, a child of hope. Azuk the first zambo to be born upon this people. Born with the greatness of African kings inherited from his father and the nobility gained from the blood of the ancient root of her Indian mother whose tragic assassination marked him and turned him into a symbol, a beacon of hope and freedom."

According to its official website, Zambo Dende, The Slave Avenger "is based of real events. Is the hidden energy in which a new race emerges from oppression, his conviction and avenging incitement shall bring back the honor of his ancestors and the desire of freedom from a generation condemned to servitude."

According to Hispanically Speaking News, Rodriguez says he came up with the character after he dreamt of "a Colombian hero, a Latin American hero."

"'The Games Maker' is set for release in April 2014," Semana added, "and the the film will have 'world class talent and stories that come out of Colombia, that can be digested and accepted by the world,'" Rodriguez said.

What does the word "zambo" mean?

"The word "zambo" or "sambo" was a racial term used in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires to identify those in the Americas who were of mixes African and Amerindian ancestry," Hispanically Speaking News adds. "During the time of slavery, zambo usually referred to those of families of African slaves and the indigenous people of the Americas."