Jeremy Lin had a disappointing 2014-2015 season with the Los Angeles Lakers and that could have affected his ratings in "NBA 2K15."

Even though Lin probably acknowledges he had an off season this year, the point guard still thinks that he deserved a higher overall rating than a 75, Yibada reports.

Lin started the season at a 78 rating. Averaging just 11.2 points per game, while playing 25.8 minutes per game, the developers of "NBA 2K15" decided to lower his season-ending rating to 75.

Lin likes playing "NBA 2K15." He even calls himself a "pro" at the game. As he looked into his other stats, Lin noticed he was rated lower than he thought he deserved in the categories of passing and inside offense.

When Lin looked at other categories, he tended to agree with "NBA 2K15" developers. They rated him highly for steals, quickness and lateral movement. He was a little disappointed when he saw his strength rating was only a 35, though.

"NBA 2K15" uses actual player performance to adjust its ratings. Next season Lin has the opportunity to raise his ratings by stringing together some good performances.

Over the weekend, players were thankful for the code that provided them Pink Diamond Karl Malone.

Players thanked "NBA 2K15" social media expert Ronnie 2K on Twitter for giving them the code. Players were warned that the limited code was coming on Twitter before the Locker Code appeared.

There was also a sale over the weekend on MyTEAM packs. The sale offered 20 percent off MyTEAM packs until Monday at 9:30 a.m. PST.

The Playstation Network was having problems with the online mode for NBA 2K15. Players were encouraged to contact PlayStation's help team for any issues. The issues look like they have been resolved according to the PlayStation status page.

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