Since Paris Hilton is now "one of the top 5 Djs in the world" (she said this with a straight face too) her rival and worst enemy Lindsay Lohan has decided to challenge her in the category. This has to be another hit on Lindsay's grudge list as she has dedicated life-after-rehab to destroying Paris Hilton. La Lohan spent the night at Pier 94 in NYC hanging with DJs and learning from their skills.

Lindsay Lohan plans to make a comeback into the music industry as TMZ reported. And what better way to do this than entering the trending DJ scene and pissing Paris Hilton off at the same time? At NYC's Pier 94 on Monday night, Lindsay studied Diplo and Jillionaire of Major Lazer, two very famous spinners. Although she only danced as if she was on ecstasy and bobbed her head, Lindsay was carefully observing the DJ's who welcomed her inside their booth.

But don't worry folks, Lindsay was sober and watched over what seemed to be the DJs' huge cash tips as she also amped up the crowd occasionally. When asked to do some actual spinning, Lindsay shied away by covering her face, shaking her head and simply throwing up a peace sign to the audience.

Guess Linds is just a student for now and wants to learn before going head-to-head with Hilton. Hey, at least she isn't ordering any beatdowns on her, instead choosing to actually battle the old-fashioned way: spinning. We're glad to see Lindsay turning partying into an educational sort of activity... kind of.

We're excited to see Lindsay back under a positive light. If she doesn't go back to acting, music might just work. If no directors will hire her she might as well trick record labels or DJs into giving her shot. And you know what? Lindsay does have a pretty good voice. Remember her 2005 song, "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)?"

Do you think Lindsay will reach Paris' level (hehe) of DJ'ing? Is this a good thing for Lindsay's recovery?