The Top Tech Stories of 2014 Shaping the Future of the Internet in the U.S.

This year, more than any in recent memory, we awoke to the realities of the problems and promise inherent in what has become our hyper-connected, 21st century lives.
Neymar, Tiago Splitter, Jose Abreu, Mexican & Brazilian Flag

Looking Back at the Biggest Latino Sports Moments in 2014

2014 was an exciting year in the field of sports. Many Latin American athletes showed off their talents by winning championships, breaking new grounds and records in the process. Latin looks back at some of the biggest moments featuring Latinos in sports this past year.
Google top 10 searches 2014

Tragedy Dominates, Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 Miss the Top Ten Google Searches 2014 [Video]

In what has become a New Year's tradition and a fascinating look at ourselves, Google released the annual roundup of the top global searches for 2014. Judging from the top ten, 2014 was actually a bit of a traumatic year for everyone.
LeGarrett Blount

Fantasy Football 2014: 5 Sleepers to Keep an Eye on This Season

The NFL season is up and coming and that means fantasy football drafts are starting up. lists five sleepers for the 2014 NFL season that you should keep an eye on.

Lollapalooza Day Passes Sold Out For Male-Heavy Lineup Featuring Outkast

This is the 4th year in which Lollapalooza has headlined only male musicians, with Lady Gaga being the last female who made the marquee during the 2010 festival. OutKast will also play during the festival, along with 40 other festivals this year.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

George Washington University Survey Says More Will Vote if Legalizing Weed Is On the Ballot

The federal government has declared that any state can pass a law to allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as long as they have a regulated system in place.
Emma Watson in Noah

The Year of Bible Movies : Russel Crowe in 'Noah' vs. 'Son of God' vs. Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'

Movie-goers have a salvo of Biblical movies this year. To start off this year's list is Noah with Russell Crowe in the lead role, which opened last Thursday in cinemas on 2-D and IMAX. This was preceded by 20th Century Fox's Son of God and will be followed by Ridley Scott's Exodus later this year.

Super Smash Bros. 4 Coming Out on Wii U & 3DS: Which Characters & Stages Will Be Featured?

The sequel to Brawl is coming!

New Superheroes in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Movie Include Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision [VIDEO]

The much-loved Marvel characters, The Avengers, are coming back in May of 2015. The sequel to the very popular movie was announced back in May of 2012 after the box office smashing success of the first Avenger movie. The sequel is titled Age of Ultron.
Captain America 2

U.S. Release Date Draws Near for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', Read Up on the Plot Here

Movie comes out April 4

Here's Our Review of the Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft is a viable choice in the tablet market

Hispanic Labor Union Leader Eliseo Medina Arrested, Obama Says "Whole Country Hears You"

Eliseo Medina is one of the loudest voices for reform
World Cup

2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup to Take Place June 12-July 13 in Brazil

Brazil hosts for the second time

Google Glass Developer Teams With Motorola, HTC, Samsung To Make Apps For Wearables

The first Android watches come out this year

Why Are Shakira's Songs for Boyfriend Gerard Pique Not as Hot as Her PRevious Singles?

"Shakira" lacks the intensity of her older works
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