You either love her or you hate her. Puerto Rican superstar Jennifer Lopez came back to the streets of her Bronx neighborhood to shoot her music video for "Same Girl." Often accused of forgetting her Bronx roots, J.Lo shut down her Castle Hill neighborhood by showing up in tight jeans, a black coat, a Yankees hat and black boots.

Jennifer Lopez took a stroll down memory lane as she walked the corner of Blackrock and Castle Hill avenues, where she lived before becoming the superstar she is today. Fans and non-fans were astonished to see the woman who once rode the 6 train all the way to stardom. News 12, The Bronx's own local news, reported on the crowds of people who surrounded J.Lo as she recorded her music video and took pictures with fans.

"Jenny from the Block" posted photos of her and her fans on Twitter with the hashtags, "#myhood #CastleHill #Bronx #NY #donthate #Love #migente." She also posted a picture of herself looking amazing with the caption "On the 6... ;) #album10 #SAMEGIRL". On the 6 was Jennifer's first studio album which represented the 6 train that she took to various auditions in the direction of downtown Manhattan.

People who live nearby her childhood home told News 12 that every time she comes back to The Bronx "it reminds people to dream big." A Bronx resident told cameras "it shows you that even though she's from a poor background look at where she's at now." Joe, the owner of Cross Bronx Pizzeria, where Lopez also filmed part of her music video that day, says he didn't know that she was coming, but that he was very "happy to see her."

But not all responses to Lopez's visit were positive. Connie Matos, a Bronx resident, posted this on her Facebook; "Jenny Forgot The Block! It's A Shame That She's, Once Again, Profiting From The Bronx!" Though lots of people agree with Matos and feel that Jennifer could help out her "hood" way more than she does, deep inside they are still proud she is from "their block."

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