As he visits Germany for the G7 summit, President Barack Obama received a slightly higher job disapproval rating from millennials.


Among survey respondents for The Economist and YouGov's latest polling data, millennials -- which the White House categorized as Americans born between 1980 and mid-2000s -- 50 percent disapproved Obama's handling as president of the United States. The disapproval rating was a narrow lead compared to respondents who supported him. With 47 percent, millennial survey respondents approved Obama's handling as U.S. president, while 3 percent of respondents were not sure.

The disapproval rating for Congress was higher with the 18- to 29-year-olds as it hit 59 percent. Thirteen percent of millennials approved Congress's handling its job. More millennials, at 20 percent, were neutral -- they neither approve nor disapprove, but 8 percent were not sure.


With Latino respondents, of all ages, overwhelmingly supported Obama with 68 percent. Twenty-seven percent of Latinos disapproved of his job performance, while 6 percent were not sure.

Latinos' opinion of Congress showed very different responses compared to the millennial demographic. The disapproval rate for Congress was double-digits lower compared to millennials, at 38 percent. The approval rating was lower at 19 percent, while 26 percent had a neutral opinion about Congress. More Latinos were "not sure" about Congress, and the rate hit 17 percent.

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Direction of Country:

Latinos and millennials held different opinions when asked about the direction of the U.S. Most millennials, with 55 percent, said the country was "off on the wrong track," and 36 percent of Latinos agreed with the sentiment. More Latinos said the U.S. was "generally headed in the right direction," with 46 percent, but the millennial response was lower at 27 percent. Eighteen percent of Latinos and 17 percent of millennials were "not sure" which direction the U.S. is going.

Overall Responses:

Taking into account all age groups and races, the consensus was the U.S. was going on the wrong track, with 59 percent, compared to 27 percent stating the country was in the right direction.

Overall, Americans disapproved Obama's job performance with 50 percent to 47 percent. In regards to Congress, 13 percent of Americans showed approval, but the majority disagreed, at 59 percent.

The Economist and YouGov poll was conducted between May 30 and June 1. From the 1,000 national adults participating, 681 respondents were registered voters.

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